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Meat thermoforming

Recently extension of product storage lives becomes more and more actual task, so it predetermines appearance of new more perfect technologies of package and new more difficult packing materials that can cope with this task. This means multi-layer packing materials with high barrier properties such as upper (soft) lidding film and lower (rigid) vacuum formable film. These materials allow to prolong storage life and prevent from premature deterioration of meat and meat products.

Thermoforming machines Webomatic (Germany)

WEBOMATIC® thermoforming machines design individually shaped, cut and printed packaging. Meat and fish packaging as well as cheese and sausage packaging can be designed according to your wishes and manufactured at high industrial production speeds. Of course, our thermoforming machines also produce (skin) packaging for medical products or industrial and consumer goods.


  • Attractive appearance of packing product.

  • Increased storage life.

  • High barrier properties.

  • Increased protective properties of durability.

  • Possibility of package in modified gas atmosphere.

  • Possibility of labeling with company’s logo. 

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-  Vacuum formable film (lower)

-  Vacuum lidding film (upper)


-  Thermoforming Machine ML-C 2600

-  Thermoforming Machine ML-C 3600

-  Thermoforming Machine ML-C 5600

-  Thermoforming Machine ML-C 5600-skin