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Vacuum meat package

Vacuum packaging equipment is used for packaging a wide range of products. In such conditions, food products retain their color, taste, smell and other properties for a long time. Vacuum packaging of meat allows you to maximize the shelf life of food products and achieve reliable protection against loss of aromatic qualities. In addition, vacuum packaging gives the goods an attractive appearance.


  • Effective barrier to gases and steam
  • Increased safety from holes
  • Transparence and glossiness
  • Possibility of printing to 10 colors

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-  Meat vacuum bags

-  CRYOVAC® FLOW-VAC® vacuum packaging

-  Cryovac® DARFRESH® vacuum packaging

-  CRYOVAC TBG® packages

-  CRYOVAC OvenEase baking materials


-  Table Vacuum Machines

-  Single Chamber Vacuum Machines

-  Double Chamber Vacuum Machines

-  Chamber Belt Vacuum Machines

-  Sealing Systems