Thermo shrinking equipment

Thermo shrinking equipment is a packaging solution for individual and multiple package of products (both food and non-food) and goods. Range of thermo shrinking equipment includes simple and economy solutions as well as high-performance machines.

Horizontal packaging machines

Equipment of Italian company PFM is ideally suited for production package in flow-pack bag. Sinergia company is the official distributor of PFM company in Republic of Belarus. It allows to deliver original spare parts from manufacturer in time.

Thermoforming equipment

Usage of multilayer packaging materials with high barrier features allows to increase products storage life and to prevent from early product spoilage.

Vacuum packaging equipment

Vacuum equipment is used for packaging of wide range of foodstuff. Vacuuming enables to increase storage life of foodstuff and to achieve strong protection from losing their aromatic properties. Moreover vacuum packaging guarantees attractive appearance of goods.

Package in barrier trays

Package in barrier trays is a high-productivity package of fresh meat, fish, chicken and semi-finished products in preformed trays and layers in modified gas environment. Tray sealers are optimum decision for package of different products: preserved food, semi-finished products, meat slices. They are widely used at small productions and in supermarkets.

Package in stretch-film

Modern food package in stretch-film is ideal for enterprises of food industry and retail trade. Equipment produced by Swiss concern FABBRI GROUP (Waldyssa) ideally suits for technology of package in stretch-film.  

Bread cutting and package

Automatic and semi-automatic packing machines and high speed automatic machines for bread cutting.

Packaging equipment

Packing machines like "form-fill-seal" for package at high speeds of products of different function. Dosing systems, linear weight systems, multihead weight systems are applied to packing machines.

Closing of ready bags with clip

Machines for product package in bags with plastic or aluminum clip.  


Sealers are used for sealing bags with product and also for bags formation from sleeve.

Pallet packers

Packing machines intended for pallets wrapping in stretch film, i.e. for group package of loads on pallets.  

Equipment for butter production and package (MILCOM)

Optimal decision for package of butter, cottage cheese and other spread products.

Leakage detection equipment MGA

Systems for package tightness check allowing to reveal minimum leaks without monitoring of trace elements.

Gas mixers and metering systems

Gas mixers are specially designed for food industry. They are used for two or more gases, both for high flow rates and highly fluctuating gas withdrawals.