The inhouse service department of Sinergia company provides faultless and uninterrupted functioning of the equipment purchased by customers.


Today service department performs maintenance during and after warranty period, diagnostics and repairs of the packaging equipment of any complexity, performs consultations and trainings at the factories and production departments of our clients.

сервисная поддержка.jpg6 highly professional technicians maintain the integrity of the equipment in regular mode, performing maintenance works and diagnostics, repairs and providing spare parts. 

запуск и наладка.jpg5 field technicians perform quick mounting and setting up of the shipped equipment, perform warranty service, and train personnel.

Service department technicians were trained at the European manufacturing plants and have certificates confirming their high professional level and competence in performing maintenance of the equipment produced by such companies as Webomatic (Germany), Waldyss (Switzerland), Russkaya Trapeza (Russian Federatio), Espera (Germany).


Service department is equipped with everything it needs for prompt and timely response to our clients’ demands: its own transport, logistical support, repair shop and storage facilities.

All necessary spare parts and consumables are always in stock.

Our service department will protect you from unjustified expenditures, resulting from idle time of equipment, by providing maintenance during and after warranty period, as well as preventive maintenance.

Uninterrupted equipment operation in continuous mode?

With us it is possible!

Well-being of any modern enterprise depends on the uninterrupted equipment operation, and its failure can cause material losses and dissatisfaction of Your clients.

At the same time, the risk of failures and malfunctions can be greatly reduced. We offer maintenance services, which can support Your business in working order, if you opt for them: our service department provides reliable and uninterrupted operation of packaging equipment on all stages of its use.

Maintenance services offer additional possibilities to get high quality service of different level depending on the client’s demands and resources.

Concluding a contract for maintenance client gets:

  • Economizing on human resource – You don’t have to keep a position of a specially trained technician;

  • Detailed personal technician for maintaining Your equipment in working order;

  • Individual plan of maintenance works;

  • Discounts on consumables and spare parts;

  • Phone consultations concerning equipment use;

  • Assistance in changing broken parts;

  • Free training.