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Meat package in stretch-film

Modern food package in stretch-film is ideal for enterprises of food industry and retail trade. Stretch film packaging is used to preserve the freshness of meat and store it conveniently. It has excellent anti-fog and mechanical properties, making it suitable for both, automated and manual packaging. The film is used by meat manufacturers and packers as well as for in-house applications in supermarkets and deli counters for case-ready packs. The meat wrap films are available in all standard sizes and thicknesses. 


  • Gas permeability providing "product breathing"

  • Preservation of external and taste quality of product 

  • Storage life from 12 (forcemeat) to 48 hours

  • Increased resistance to fats

  • High transparency and glossiness that provides fine appearance of product packed on a tray

  • Adsorbing property of trays allows to pack easily both fresh and frozen product

  • Possibility of labeling with company’s logo




-  Food stretch-film PVC


-  Automatic stretch wrapping machines

-  Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines