New brands in Synergia's portfolio - Fischbein and Saxon

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As a result of fruitful negotiations with the world leaders in the market of bag closing and sealing equipment companies Fischbein and Saxon company "Sinergia" became their official partner in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Thanks to centuries of experience and quality, Fischbein is the world benchmark in the development and production of open-mouth bag closing machines. Founded by Dave Fischbein in 1910 in Minnesota, the American company of the same name originally sold industrial sewing machines for the textile industry. After World War II, the business expanded to include bag sewing solutions. In 1956, the Fischbein family opened a European centre in Brussels.

This partnership expands Synergy's offerings in various sectors including agriculture, industry, food processing and others.

Our experts can now participate in the development of customised bag closing projects and offer solutions tailored to the customer's specific bag closing requirements from a wide range of quality equipment.

Fischbein and Saxon equipment and spare parts will be available both to order and from stock in Minsk.

Invest in durable equipment and reliable partners!

For advice on Fischbein and Saxon products please contact our company manager!

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