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Polyolefine (PO) based film

Polyolefine based shrink film has a number of essential advantages, such as: ecological compatibility, quality, cost-effectiveness, superior appearance, optimum impermeability, quick and gentle shrinking, ability to work at high packing rates.

Polyolefine based shrink film gives the package excellent trade appearance due to its optical qualities, high shrink percent and strength of welded seam. Your product is protected from damage due to a special strength of the film itself. Unique molecular structure of the film allows the polyolefine film to withstand higher mechanical stresses. Having low specific weight, such films have high tensile strength and tear strength (even at the temperature around 40°C), possessing excellent optical qualities, resistance to oils, fats and solvents. The films have a wide shrink range, particularly at relatively low temperatures.

Owing to their improved elasticity, polyolefine films are more widely used. Unlike PVC films, they allow packaging of different goods without deforming or bending them and are appropriate for packing paper goods, stationery, magazines, booklets, napkins or different products on thin substrates and in trays.

There is no need to change packaging equipment, which is also important. Polyolefine films can be used in equipment designed for other types of shrink films.