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Based on polyvinylchloride (PVC)

PVC shrink film is a multi-purpose packaging material. It is used as a final package for small size products, giving them attractive appearance and protecting them from the environment. Used in confectionary, fragrance, printing and other industries.

PVC shrink film is a multi-purpose packaging material, used for packing a wide range of goods (candy boxes, toys, paper products, foodstuffs, etc.)

Positive features of a PVC shrink film include:

  • multi-purpose character;
  • ease of use;
  • high shrink capability;
  • good optics;
  • low-cost equipment;
  • possibility to use both for individual and group packaging;
  • can be used in wide range of packaging machines.

Today Sinergia company offers shrink film produced by Sealed Air company, OPTI 510 model. This is a high-quality single-layer polymer film based on PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is produced on the most modern equipment in Russia.

OPTI 510 is a multi-purpose packaging material for packing various food and non-food products.

It possesses good mechanical properties and excellent appearance. It is easily machinable, including on the simple machines.

It is produced in reels in the form of center fold film and single-layer film of thickness of 15, 19 and 25 microns; length of center fold film in reel of 750, 630 and 480 meters respectively.

Standard width of center fold film ranges from 150 to 500 mm, up to 1000 mm on demand, with the step of 50 mm.

The advantages of using OPTI 510 include:

  • ease of use, easily machinable, even on the old machines;
  • low shrink strength allows to prevent deformation of soft products;
  • good optical qualities;
  • accepted to contact foodstuffs.