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Stretch films for packing trays (pallets)

Pallet stretch films for manual and machine packaging are used as a transport package. For example, to fix a finished product on the trays (pallets) by way of rotational winding.

The film is prestretched before winding around the pallet, creating the holding force due to its effort to return to its original state, which provides a firm fastening of the cargo during transportation and handling operations.

This method is especially convenient when moving goods by means of a truck lift.

The pallets packed in a stretch film having the upper packing list are secured from exposure to weather conditions.

Meeting traditional requirements to packaging materials as regards goods protection, stretch film has a number of advantages:

  • reversible stretch ability of more than 300% and high contracting force (safely fixing the cargo to the pallet);
  • resistance to puncture and tear (protects the cargo from damage, dirtying, theft);
  • does not demand complex equipment for packing (cost effective), high transparency (simplifies control of pallet contents);
  • ability to prestretch (reduces material consumption);
  • wide range of working temperatures (makes it possible to use stretch film for packing cooled and frozen products);
  • ability of the film layers to adhere to each other (eliminates the demand for additional fixing means)

Stretch film for packing pallets is made of linear polyethylene of low density. There exist films for manual packing (reel length of 300 m on average) and machine packing (reel length of about 1500m depending on the film thickness).

Stretching ability is an important parameter of a stretch film for machine winding. If a film has a linear stretching ability of 300%, it means that if stretched by 300% the film having width of 500 mm, the thickness of 23 micron and the length of 1 meter stretches by 4 meters, while its width reduces to 400 mm. Due to this the consumption of the film during machine packaging is twice lower than that of the manual packaging.

The range of pallet stretch film users is extremely wide. This can be an enterprise of any industry: chemical, food, woodworking, engineering, etc., i.e. the manufacturer of any product demanding
transport and storage. Moreover, the film can be used without pallets or trays, because some types of products are wrapped in the film without using pallets.