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Barrier films

Vacuum lid film

Recently, the task of increasing shelf life of products has become more topical, which determined the appearance of new packaging methods and new, more complex packaging materials, capable of dealing with this task.



Vacuum moulded film (bottom)

Polytherm™ Cast™ is used for forming a cell of a given form (after heating), where a product is placed. The film has a five-layer structure and is regarded as a «soft» film.



BDF shrink film

BDF shrink film is designed for packing fresh meat (poultry, pork, beef) and processed meat, fish, cheese, pizza in modified atmosphere (with and without oxygen).




DARFRESH CRYOVAC® technology is a method of vacuum packaging, which allows the film to tightly fit around the product of standard configuration.



Multilayer vacuum formable film

If compare combined films with traditional types of packaging it becomes clear that combined films are more universal and easy in processing, moreover they are cheaper and more practical. They allow to pack foodstuff in modified gas environment — package is filled with special gas mixture to increase the product implementation time.