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Regional packaging center of Sinergia LTD in Gomel

Sinergia LTD Gomel 224025, Gomel,
2-nd Revolucionnaya str., 8
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Regional packaging center of Sinergia LTD in Gomel located in the city center is convenient for the customers.

There is a warehouse organized on the basis of the branch-office with constant availability of packaging materials, where all conditions for comfortable loading of the goods are provided.


1. Wholesale of packaging materials (available on stock):

  • manual and machine stretch films for packaging of pallets;
  • food stretch-film;
  • POF and PVC thermoshrinking   film;
  • adhesive tape of different sizes and colors for manual and machine use;
  • bubble film;
  • polypropylene tape, binder (fasteners and clips);
  • Becker plastic euro pallets (to order);
  • vacuum thermoshrinking bags for cheese and meat by CRYOVAC (to order).


2. Wholesale of labeling products (available on stock):

  • self-adhesive labeling tape of different sizes and colors;
  • thermolabel;
  • carboxylic tape (to order);
  • labeling guns single-and double-row for application of numerical symbols and text;
  • inking rollers for labeling gun.


3. Wholesale of packaging equipment (available on stock):

  • dispensers for all types of adhesive tapes;
  • bags taping machines for  narrow reel adhesive tape;
  • dispensers for manual stretch-films;
  • table sealers;
  • hot tables.


4. Wholesale of complex packaging equipment (to order):

  • pallet wrapping machine by Robopac (Republic of San Marino);
  • thermoshrinking equipment by SMIPACK (Italy);
  • vacuum packaging equipment by Webomatic (Germany);
  • stretch-wrapping equipment by Waldyssa (Italy).


5. Prompt manufacturing of packaging materials according to your needs:

  • packaging bags (bread, chicken, with valve, with adhesive tape, with bottom fold, with/without print, for automatic or semiautomatic packaging machines, etc.)
  • self-adhesive labels:  blank or with preprint from one to full-color on following materials: thermo eco and thermo top paper,  middle gloss paper, polyethylene and polypropylene film, metallized paper;
  • film with mineral additives (for packaging of cottage cheese and butter).


6. Consulting service:

  • concerning packaging equipment installation and operation;
  • concerning supply of spare parts to the packaging equipment;
  • concerning after-sales service of packaging equipment;
  • concerning production and supply of nonstandard packaging materials.