Q&A: the capabilities of the Espera weight labeling system, taking into account the requirements for the export of products

The Belarusian meat industry is actively expanding exports and occupies new niches in the market. This imposes certain requirements, including requirements for packaging and labeling of the product.

Oskar Rzepinski, a representative of our partner Company Espera, is on the live broadcast. The conference participants asked a lot of questions about the possibilities of weight labeling systems and the application of information on labels in various languages, including Chinese.


We have collected for you some questions asked to the expert:

What and how many languages can be applied to one label?

On one label, you can enter information in a hundred fields in different languages. A large number of languages that customers need are pre-installed in the program interface. Among the languages: Russian, English, German, French, Chinese.

How to create a label template?

The template is created in a separate editor that is included in the hardware and can be installed on a PC. You can fit all the necessary information in several languages on one label. It is possible to adjust the size of the label, fonts, the application of all barcodes, the location of an element.

What is the maximum label size?

The label length of the top printer is 160 mm. Bottom printer - 130 mm. Multiple labeling heads can be installed and multiple label sizes can be supplied at once.

Can a circular product be labeled?

Espera Company offers an optional pinch roller that allows you to evenly apply the label to the round product. The conveyor belt has a special chute for sausages. This chute allows the sausages not to roll over the entire conveyor, but to keep all packages on the same axis, so the label is applied as accurately as possible.


You can test the weighing labeling complex in the basic configuration at the Sinergia Company demo room. There is an opportunity to evaluate the build quality, create a label according to your requirements and test the application of the label. 

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