Why are farming companies starting to think about automating apple sorting?

We can see arising interest in GreenSort apple sorting lines not only from Belarusian companies, but also from companies from Russia and Kazakhstan.

This interest arose from a number of reasons, we can distinguish two main ones:

Increased supermarket requirements for the finished product

Apples should be sorted not only by size, but also by color and damage. These requirements are a consequence of changes in the behavioral characteristics of the final user.

Human factor

Constant turnover and difficulties with personnel for manual sorting. Plus, manual sorting is a large percentage of errors and the need for control.

The higher the requirements in the first paragraph, the more difficult the second becomes. At this stage, companies come to us for an automation solution. Today, Sinergia Company offers a GreenSort apple sorting line as a response to such a request. The fine-tuning system allows to sort apples by size, color, parameter combination and damage. Sorting takes place thanks to optical sensors (cameras) and an intelligent system that determines the parameters of the product and sorts the product depending on the parameters set by the operator. Sinergia offers not only the sale of the equipment itself, but also assistance in launching and commissioning, service during the warranty and post-warranty periods.