How to make a product stand out among others on the shelf in the store?

How to increase product visibility on the store shelf? How to promote your brand through product packaging?

Classic labels are limited by the area of the label and do not highlight the packaging on the shelf in the store. If you have a task to find an economical and eco-friendly solution for brand promotion through product packaging – we offer you the Bandall technology of bandering. A label made of film or paper without an adhesive base that completely encircles the product around the perimeter and is firmly welded with a thermal seal.

Why is it beneficial?

The technology is economical. The label is without a base coat and is applied without adhesive composition. You do not overpay for the adhesive composition and base coat. You don't have to think about the disposal of the base coat.

Versatility. Bandall automatically takes the form of the product that we are wrapping: there is no difference between a large package or a small one. The dimensions depend only on the frame configuration.

Environmental friendliness. The wrapping technology allows you to apply the label on a thin film, which reduces the consumption of packaging material without losing opportunities for branding.

Visibility of the product and brand. A large area for branding and the ability to use different types of labels. The product automatically becomes more visible on the counter.

Additional security. The buyer can open the package only by opening the bandage.

Ideal for creating promotional and group packages.

More about Bandall company

Demonstration and testing of Bandall equipment

Sinergia Company, as the official representative of Bandall Company, offers solutions of various levels of complexity. Including individual configuration and integration into the current production line. You can see the bandering technology in action and get advice on which Bandall equipment will be more profitable for your production in our demo room. Demonstration (and even testing on your product) is carried out by appointment.