Basic points when choosing equipment for the dairy industry

Currently, much attention is paid not only to the technologies for the production and ripening of cheeses, but also to the issues of product packaging. After all, the choice of packaging equipment and materials directly affects the shelf life of the product and its visual appeal to the final consumer.

At the same time, there is no universal equipment for slicing and packing cheese.

The choice of equipment depends on the type of cheese, volumes and features of its production technology and directly affects the microbiological and taste properties of cheese, its consumer qualities.

A dialogue of experts and representatives of 17 dairy industry companies took place at Sinergia’s demonstration site within the framework of the practical conference "Cutting and packaging Technologies in the dairy industry".

We have invited special guests such as:
Grigory Rogov is a candidate of technical sciences, a specialist in the field of production technology and packaging of various types of cheeses and Rodolphe Charlot, representative of BFR Company (France). They talked about the specifics of slicing and packing cheeses, taking into account the current market requirements.


Focal points to pay attention to when choosing equipment

  1. The functionality and convenience of the final product for the user. This applies to both the methods of cutting products based on the characteristics of the consumption of a particular cheese, and the functionality of the packaging, the possibility of reopening, the preservation of an open product.
  2. Environmental safety of packaging.
  3. Preservation of the structure and quality of the product during packaging, mechanical and microbiological protection of the product. The choice of material and type of packaging directly affects the shelf life of the product.
  4. The thickness of the packaging materials. The trend towards minimizing thickness of the package as a result of high-tech equipment.
  5. Informativeness and maintaining the transparency of the packaging, so that the final user can see the structure of the product.
  6. The attractiveness of packaging for the final user.
  7. Sealing of the package. 

Models that Sinergia Company experts recommend for use in the dairy industry:
  • Cheese slicing
  • Weighing and labeling
  • Vacuum packaging equipment
  • Banding
  • Leak Testers
  • Group packaging